Smt Kode MK Nama Mata Kuliah* Bobot SKS
I 101101 Al-Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan I 1
I 101209 Pendidikan Pancasila 2
I 201201 Ilmu Pendidikan 2
I 101201 Matematika 2
I 271203 Fisika 2
I 101206 Aplikasi Komputer 2
I 271208 Teknologi Otomotif Dasar 2

Tugas Media Pembelajaran

Visit Media outfit ideas what you need PTO

Sistem Kopling Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif UM Purworejo

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Revisi Jadwal UAS PTO



Struktur Organisasi Program Studi Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif

Ketua Program Studi (Suyitno, M.Pd.)
Sekretaris Program Studi (Dwi Jatmoko, M.Pd.)
Kepala Gugus Kendali Mutu Program Studi (Arif Susanto, M.Pd.)
Kepala Lab.Pend.Teknik Otomotif (Dr.Bambang Sudarsono, M.Pd.)
Kepala Lab Micro Teaching (Suyoto, M.Pd.)
Pengelola Jurnal (Aci Primartadi, M.Pd.)
Ketua Alumni (Ayis Winata, S.Pd.)
Kepala Tata Usaha (Hardi Setioko, S.E.)
Ketua HIMATO outfit ideas what you need (Endar Setiawan)


Program Studi Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif (S1) Terakreditasi B. Kualitas Program Studi salah satunya tercermin dari akreditasi. Alhamdulillah, BAN-PT telah menerbitkan peringkat akreditasi B untuk Program Studi Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif. Hal ini berdasarkan SK BAN PT No : 2737/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XI/2016 dengan Tahun SK 2016 dan Tahun kadaluarsa adalah 24-11-2021.

Program Studi Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo akan selalu berkomitmen meningkatkan kualitas dan pelayanan dalam dunia pendidikan pada khususnya dan masyarakat pada umumnya. Salah satunya adalah dengan meningkatkan ketrampilan mengajar dan keteknikan otomotif serta mempertahankan peringkat Akreditasi mulai dari tingkat Program Studi hingga Institusi 5 sexy outfit ideas recommend to you. Semoga dengan meningkatnya peringkat akreditasi dapat meningkatkan nuansa akademis, peningkatan daya saing riset, perkembangan pengabdian berbasis IPTEKS dan kegiatan kemahasiswaan yang dinamis. Peningkatan peringkat akreditasi ini juga menjadi tolak ukur kualitas program studi ke depan sesuai visi, misi dan tujuan yang dicapai.


Pada 2020 menjadi Program Studi yang unggul dalam ilmu, mulia dalam akhlak, mampu melaksanakan Caturdharma Perguruan Tinggi Muhammadiyah untuk menghasilkan calon tenaga pendidik Teknik Otomotif yang mandiri dan profesional.

1.Menyelenggarakan pengkajian, pendalaman dan pengamalan Al-Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan;
2.Menyelenggarakan pendidikan dan pembelajaran Teknik Otomotif yang menghasilkan calon pendidik profesional yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pembangunan Islam dan Muhammadiyah;
3.Meningkatkan penelitian bidang Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif yang bertujuan memenuhi kebutuhan pembangunan dan pengembangan Islam;
4.Meningkatkan kuantitas dan kualitas pelayanan pengabdian dalam bidang Pendidikan Teknik Otomotif kepada masyarakat yang bertujuan untuk menerapkan dan menyosialisasikan hasil penelitian dan IPTEKS kepada masyarakat;
5.Meningkatkan kerjasama dengan pihak luar dalam penelitian dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat.

What Is Football And Why Is Just one Of The Optimum Notable Activity Upon Entire world

Football is much too acknowledged as soccer. It is a match performed by means of 2 groups of 11 avid gamers who kick a ball and test in the direction of ranking aims. The sizing of a soccer sector is: Period 100 yds. in direction of 130 yds; Breadth 50 yds. in the direction of 56 yds; Function width 8 yds; Bar 8 toes. versus flooring; local 6 yds. In opposition to each and every purpose posting; Ball 27 inches inside circumference; Period of the sport is 90 minutes utmost.
Some of the well-known words and phrases affiliated with the video game are: off sided, scope. Shed kick, penalty kick (or reason kick), corner kick, totally free-kick, dribble, toss-within just-contact, tripping, lead absolutely free kick, hat-trick.
Some of the very well-regarded soccer gamers are: Pele (Brazil), Diego Maradona (Argentina), Ronaldo (Brazil), Roberto Baggio (Italy), Beckham (British isles), Lothar Matthaus (Germany), Zinedine Zidane (France), Thierry Henry (France), Puskas (Hungary) and Di Stefano (Spain).

FIFA World wide Cup 2006
The Entire world Cup performed within 2006 experienced 32 groups, 64 fits had been performed, 30 million readers all more than the world-wide viewed the event. It was performed for about 31 times.
The most important wearing match of the international, the 18th FIFA (Federation World de Soccer Affiliation) Soccer Environment Cup 2006, was introduced open up through the German President, Mr. Hort Koehler in just Munich (Germany) Upon June 9, 2006. The remarkable celebration was found via a 60,000 impressive viewers within just the Allianz Arena of Munich as properly as by way of countless numbers of thousands and thousands of readers throughout the world upon the tv set. For the initial year inside the background of the mega celebration, just about every dwelling member of the outside of Entire world Cup-successful groups was Supply at the opening rite. Further than 100 earlier avid gamers took component within just a parade super mario run hack tool online for the duration of the occasion. The opening rite was adopted via the inaugural activity involving the host Germany and Costa Rica. Philpp Lahm of Germany scored the to start with objective of the 18th FIFA Planet Cup. Germany received the activity 4-2 and for that reason, preset the momentum for the thirty day period ?very long putting on extravaganza conclude with a grand ultimate upon July 9, 2006. Italy gained the Global Cup one piece treasure cruise hack cheats tool inside of a penalty shootout within the last, overcoming France 5-3 the moment a 1-1 attract for the duration of 120 minutes.
The Global Cup Soccer 2010 will be kept within just South Africa, in accordance in direction of a final decision taken via the government conference of the FIFA at Zurich (Switzerland).
In the direction of contend at these kinds of game titles, different qualifying suits are saved at alternate venues in the course of the global. The groups perform upon a local community foundation and receive 2 details for a get, one particular for a attract, and zero for a reduction. Avid gamers within the video games should really be amateurs while a great number of Olympic footballers consist of long gone upon toward come to be perfectly-identified authorities. FIFA International Cup is kept when in just 4 yrs.

Football or soccer is a staff members activity, and is the highest distinguished recreation globally. The avid gamers retain maneuvering the ball and at some point focus for a quick at objective. The goalkeeper makes an attempt tough in direction of prevent the ball against crossing the reason line. Unless for the goalkeeper the other avid gamers are not intended in dragon manial legends hack cheat online direction of hire their fingers in direction of propel the ball, many others contain in the direction of issue the ball by means of taking their ft, torso or brain. The staff members that ratings the utmost variety of aims is announced the champion. Within scenario the video game is a tie, it is possibly announced as attract or is presented more year or penalty shootout

The relieve of the activity, basic rule and the need of a sole system 鏈?ball produce it a common activity. All the gamers contain in the direction of adhere to a guaranteed costume-code, which incorporates, shirts, shorts, socks, footwear and shin safeguards. Putting on jewellery, watches and components that can hurt other gamers or by themselves is prohibited. The goalkeeper includes in direction of use outfits that will distinguish him towards the loosen up of the employees contributors. A greatest of 3 avid gamers can choice for the duration of world-wide and family suits. The activity is approved by way of a referee upon the business, and his conclusion is thought of greatest.

Record of football
Football originated inside of 206 BC While the Han dynasty dominated previously mentioned China. A recreation regarded as Tsu Chu equivalent in the direction of football was performed upon the get together of the emperor鎶?birthday.
In the course of the 11th century younger boys inside England performed a match with an inflated bladder of the cow. This match from time to time finished inside violent clashes amongst the 2 groups as a final result was at some point banned.
Soccer resurfaced inside of 1623 within just England and via 1820 some educational facilities commenced internet marketing soccer upon the grounds that it manufactured inside of health and fitness and electrical power.
Upon comparable strains of football, however with substitute variance rugby, baseball, basketball emerged.

Los Altos Air Conditioning Replacements

Air conditioning points to the activities of regulating heat, humidity and other air conditions in buildings and locomotives. The major aspects of the atmospheric elements that are of concern are water vapor content and heat. Air conditioners also called ACs or air cons are the equipments that regulate these conditions. They vary so much in size depending on their use. They may be huge system units or small portable devices. Los Altos air spider man unlimited hack conditioning personnel have good skills.

ACs can heat, cool, ventilate or even modified spider man unlimited hack to do disinfection. The four processes promote the quality of air in the atmosphere making it comfortable for human occupation. Major principles under which the appliances work to achieve their functions are evaporation, refrigeration cycles and condensation. Air regulation is an activity that began long time ago with the use of fans and other crude devices as the major regulators. With advancement in technology outfit ideas what you need, modifications, improvements and inventions have given rise to beautiful, cheap and effective devices.

Various components of the appliances are made from different materials. Fans are majorly made of feather light metals or alloys and covered using abrasion resistant coatings. Additional materials that make the body are melamine and plastics. They are made to be tough in order to resist extreme temperatures inside the appliance and still serve effectively. Most air cons come in white or gray colors for the body but other components might have different colors.

Depending on their size, they may be permanent at a point in the building or may be movable from one place to another. The permanent ones are installed by company technicians and in the case of problems the company should be contacted to send its own staff to sort the issue out. Smaller makes have wheels to assist in portability. They are also fixed with handles for pushing and pulling on smooth surfaces.

Two main categories of air conditioning applications are process and comfort applications. Process applications are important industries and hospitals. They should be able to give necessary conditions for given processes. The processes are usually susceptible to damages or injuries if variations in air conditions or quality occur. For instance, surgical operations like heart surgery require slightly lower temperatures for the whole time of the procedure without fluctuations. Integrated circuit manufactures also have to ensure steady and quality of the air inside and around the clean rooms in order to avoid destruction of the chips.

Comfort applications are meant to give endurable and comfortable conditions within walls. They ensure that the interior state do not vary broadly as the exterior does. Relative humidity must be maintained at certain levels while temperatures should not vary widely from a certain point of reference.

Conditioning has resulted into construction of tall and wide buildings. This is because they can be installed by their own aeration systems without depending on the surrounding environment for ventilation. As heights increase, many atmospheric elements also change. For line rangers hack jailbreak example, the speed of wind almost doubles with every mile of ascending. This makes it impractical to maintain the same external conditions as the interior.

Los Altos air conditioning equipments and applications are among the highest ranking in the world. Many companies put in a lot of efforts to remain on the competitive edge. They produce quality appliances and replacements.

Sore Penis At Turkey Year: Thanksgiving Ideas For Gentlemen’s Exercise

Ah, Thanksgiving! For several People, it’s a season for sharing with people; for some males, whilst, Thanksgiving can convey upon a sore penis for a quantity of causes. Retaining penis physical fitness usually means comprehension what toward do at getaway season in direction of maintain the bundle in just correct condition realracing3hackonline.website/realracing3hack/ and in direction of protect any considerations that could manifest.

Supply due for intercourse.
Just one of the key will cause of the Thanksgiving-equivalent sore penis is too 1 of the optimum thrilling: rich sexual intercourse.

Rocking Pilgrims
Despite the fact that Pilgrim ancestors could possibly contain been a little bit shy above speaking about intercourse, The united states’s forefathers (and foremothers) have been through no indicates shy above participating in just sexual romps. Yes, just one of the tenets of Puritan concept is that married adult males and females experienced an duty in direction of procreate. And although it could possibly not comprise been published into the faith, there was a all round comprehending that wives should really let their husbands toward launch their pent-up sexual electricity as always as most popular.

These days, of program, there is substantially much larger sexual flexibility for both equally gentlemen and girls ?and partaking in just lusty, vigorous sexual intercourse is a season-honored route share our website toward rejoice Thanksgiving. Aspects are manufactured significantly simpler, of training course, by way of the common 4-working day weekend, supplying a guy further amusement year towards have interaction inside his favourite interest. (Granted, those people pesky soccer online games can choose inside of the direction at times ?still that’s why Guy invented halftime quickies.)

The scenario, of system, is that Even though a person would make his applications into anything resembling a perpetual movement sexual intercourse device for 4 times, he’s certain towards wake up Monday early morning with a uncooked, sore penis ?simply just, a properly-hung hangover against more than-indulgence.

Turkey scratch
Penis ache been given in opposition to much too a great deal intercourse is a not-consequently-bad dilemma in direction of comprise. Much less eye-catching are penis suffering considerations arising against other methods.

For illustration, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the bounteous supper that is discovered upon thus innumerable tables, anchored by means of the common huge butterball of a turkey. Lovingly published (and agonized in excess of via chefs fraught with nervousness), the Thanksgiving supper is a button-busting practical experience that may perhaps increase a pound or 2 towards a gentleman’s intestine although positioning an exuberantly pleased smile upon his deal with.

Regretably, for some adult males it moreover accomplishment within problem holding their palms off their junk ?and not due to the fact of an insistent tough-upon. Some persons consist of allergic reactions in direction of foods; in just quite a few situations, the response doesn鎶?appear since publicity is small ?Unfortunately, the sheer amount of foodstuff upon the trip desk may well result in a gentleman in the direction of king of thieves hack online ingest last his reduce, ensuing inside an eruption of itching. Whilst that itchiness extends toward the penis, pain raises radically.

Recognize a single’s allergy symptoms.
With this in just thoughts, it’s imperative that a person is knowledgeable of what his allergy brings about are, and he need to consider measures toward avert them. This might consist of nixing confident foodstuff completely, restricting the selection of them ingested or generating absolutely sure towards acquire medicines aimed at averting allergic reactions against developing.

Just one term of guidance: A gentleman could possibly contain an allergic response in the direction of a delightful turkey even if he incorporates no allergy in direction of the fowl by itself. This is mainly because innumerable turkeys are offered as “basted” or “self-basting” birds; they’ve been injected with providers in the direction of generate them smooth, and from time to time Those people products and services include things like substances towards which an unsuspecting particular person may possibly be allergic.

Completely wrong apparel
A great deal of adult males place upon the pet dog, outfits-smart, for Thanksgiving. Seeking sharp is a deserving intent, nonetheless the moment carrying dresses that a person hardly ever dons, be mindful that the pores and skin may well reply badly in the direction of it. For case in point, a male who wears khaki pants and switches in the direction of wool for Turkey Working day might conclusion up with a penis that is itching including outrageous right before the food stuff is even laid upon the desk.

The good news is an itchy or sore penis can uncover welcome reduction in opposition to a high-quality penis health and fitness product (physical fitness specialists suggest Guy1 Male Oil). Rubbing upon a product that is packed with organic and natural moisturizers (which includes Shea butter and vitamin E) allows reduce the two pain and awkward, distracting itchiness. It鎶?even much better if the chosen product far too incorporates acetyl L-carnitine; if overaggressive Thanksgiving sexual intercourse achievement within just a de-sensitized member, this element can support maintenance dropped feeling towards the device.

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