• design default gateway for ring newtorks

    Hi,   I have a network as below:     Devices  on RING (A)  SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, and SW 15 are in the same vlan 19. At the moment, I set up a default gateway for vlan 19 at SW1. ...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • vPC Split Brain Failure Scenario

    Hello All,   Need one more help on the vPC split brain failure scenarios. I have below doubts on this:   a. If we are using 7K-5K-Server design with 5Ks running vPC with servers and layer3 boundary at 7K. ...
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  • Free Network Security Threatscape Webinars

    Today's network security engineer's deal with a complex threatscape of sophisticated attack types, and well-trained personnel are vital to the stability of today's enterprise networks. The Cisco Learning Network is ha...
    Karlo Bobiles
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  • BGP dsable-connected-check

    Hi CLN R1(config)#ip route R1)#router bgp 1 R1(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 2 )#nei disable-connected-check   R2(config)#ip route ...
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  • Confused with IPSec Phase I and Phase II configurations

    Hi Guys ,   I have to work both Cisco and another Vendor devices in my work place. So I encountered this confusion regarding the VPN setup in non Cisco Firewall(Non-Cisco). I am not sure I did completely got wr...
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    Hi Need help on my cisco ccie 360 Lab , every time , I do the lab even though i copy the command result from the ccie 360 lab , my 7965 SIP phone always failed to register Here is my command , need urgent hlep .pleas...
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  • VDC Reload and Restart

    I have gone through a lots of forums and documents on this, but unfortunately could not get a clear resolution. I am not able to conclude what would each of the above VDC ha-policy do. I understand, one of these will ...
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  • trying to build a S2S tunnel over 4g c819 router.

    Hi All,   i have been trying to get a 4G c819 Cisco router to build a Site 2 Site tunnel back to our Primary ASA at our HQ. However no ISAKMP phase 1 SA are getting built which leads to no PHASE 2 IPSEC.  ...
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  • No ping between operator and client routers

    Hello everyone, I have the following installation, the C881 routers are from the operator and are configured in high availability (Active / Passive) using VRRP, the virtual IP makes the gateway for the LAN. The...
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  • NAT concept

    Good day CLN,   I have a question that may seem trivial but is still bugging me.   Let's imagine the following scenario: A site-to-site VPN tunnel. on one side, the internal network is a private network (...
    Talal M. Abbas
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  • the processing of different subnets

    Hi Friend,        I has two  laptop  and  one router and one 3 layer switch,        1. A laptop IP :, GW, connect r...
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  • VIRL 1.3.296 on ESX - NX-OSv 9000 (nxos.7.0.3.I6.1.bin) : 1 of 4 nodes stuck at loader> prompt...

    There are 4 NX-OSv 9000 nodes in this topology that were all working fine last night. I shut the sim down this morning to add the server nodes for transit testing and fired it back up, now one of the N9K nodes is stuc...
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  • SDN Tech Seminars: Network Function Virtualization: Lesson 3: NFV Enablement using ESP and Q&A

      Lesson 3: NFV Enablement using ESP and Q&A Cisco Subject Matter Expert Rajiv Asati answers questions about NFV starting with Cisco SP Orchestration Architecture with ESP which is a Carrier Class, Multi-Te...
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  • SDN Tech Seminars: Network Function Virtualization: Lesson 2: NFV Use Cases

          Lesson 2: NFV Use Cases In this Network Function Virtualization we will review Convergence and Multi-Service Orchestration, technology and design innovation, and decreasing time to revenue. We w...
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  • SDN Tech Seminars: Network Function Virtualization: Lesson 1: NFV Explained

        Lesson 1: Cisco Spark SDKs and Cisco Spark Widgets In this free video, DevNet's David Staudt shows Cisco Spark Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Widgets for voice and video. David explains how to ea...
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  • ICND2 6 hours from now!

    guys please pray for me so I can pass my ICND2 on first attempt.     thank you guys.   amethama
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  • SECOPS fail... Need some clarifications.

    First... Reconnaissance phase, the sans document explains this: "Research, identification and selection of targets, often represented as crawling Internet websites such as as conference proceedings and mailing lists ...
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  • RFC debate?

    Friends in my study group are trying to figure out the answer to a question our instructor gave us about RFCs. He will not give us the answer.   Which RFC was created to fix the shortage of public IPV4 addresses...
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  • Using Virtual Links with all contiguous areas

    Hi all!   I am taking a class for the CCNP Route exam. On our proposal we are asked to implement a virtual link, however, there are no discontiguous areas in the topology. It has me rather confused, as everythin...
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  • When will the CCNA Cyber Ops Certification be added to the Approved DOD 8570 Baseline Certifications list?

    Hi All,   My My its been a while since i have posted in the CLN forums. I'm happy to tell you that i am CCNA Cyber Ops Certified!!   On to my question: The CompTIA CSA+ certification recently got added to ...
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