dear fiends !   when i am running EIGRP with ASA it always show and error and also the routes which both sites can see in thier routing table are not accessable from anywhene   this is multiple time that i...
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  • ASA point to Multipoint ipsec

    Security Sa
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  • Make a cisco router NTP client and sync to free dns/ntp server via internet

      Hi all,   The ntp association output seems to be ok, but the ntp status still saying unsynchronized.  I am using EVE here to emulate an IOS router and connect it to the internet.   Config: cl...
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  • Active and Standby HUB DMVPN

    Dear Friends !   how can i have active and standby HUBs in a DMVPN network which ip address should the Spokes  set their tunnel destination to select one hub as active and another as backup ? what is the ...
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  • Eigrp between two ASA

    Dear friend ,   i am configuring two ASA with eigrp as the diagram is as bellow both routers show the looback of each other in the show ip route but i can't ping the R2 from R1 and repeatedly gives this warning:...
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  • ASA mate version

    Dear respectful friends!!!   in my product ASA i am receiving this warning every one minutes or less:   Mate version 8.4(2) is not identical with ours 9.1(7)11
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  • Not Enrolled for 300-550 NPDESI

    Hello All,   I have current CCNP and CCDP certs, I'd like to get NPDESI cert to hold on my current certs and add a new valuable one.   However, when I check Cisco Cert Tracking, I'm not enrolled for 300-5...
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  • Virl - Vxlan with PIM

    Hello All,   I have setup a lab using Nxosv-9000 on virl 1.3.296 where I am trying to setup VxLAN using PIM (not evpn or fabricpath). After configuring pim, vlan/vxlan association and nve I am still not able to ...
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  • ICMP redirect

    Hi How ICMP Redirect Messages WorkICMP redirect messages are used by routers to notify the hosts on the data link that a better route is available for a particular destination. For example, the two routers R1 and R2 ...
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  • How to Start with the CCIE R&S...?

    OK so now i made it and i am CCNP R&S...what do i need to study before i prepare for the CCIE R&S ? or what are the technology or the courses that i need to start studding for ? i need the detail if any one ca...
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  • MPLS VPN over TE Tunnel issue

    Hi Guys,   Its been a while.. But I think you know the drill.. Been trying to juggle between work and studying.. But anyway here goes. I have the below topology   Sorry for the scribble, but using a mouse ...
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  • DMVPN ipsec

    Hi guys I am trying to set up ipsec over nhrp On the cisco documentation, to implement ipsec over nhrp tunnel we need to set on the tunnel "tunnel protection ipsec profile <profile name>" But if we implement ...
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  • Etherchannel

    Hello guys,   what could be the purpose to make an etherchannel in an access port?   Regards
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  • CCNP Route Passed

    Hello wonderful people,   While preparing for the ccnp route examination, I started getting scared when i was seeing different threads(not on this website) of people failing the ccnp route exam and how tough the...
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  • Route redistribution question

    Is it true that when we do route redistribution, all known routes from one routing protocol are redistributed into another routing protocol?   What I mean to say is, there is no way to just pick certain routes t...
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  • How to get start for preparing for CCIE R&S self study for Written and Lab?

    Hi All,   I am planning to appear for CCIE R&S by this year end. I also started learning from CCIEv5 R&S Official Guide by Narbik Kohacharians.   I am planning to prepare for lab also in parallel....
    Neeraj Shah
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  • TELNET or SSH to specific interface

    Hi, how to restrict SSH or TELNET to access specific interface? For example, if I have two active interface on router, I want to allow access  to only one?   How can I accomplish that?
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  • SISAS 300-208 Study Group

    I need to resit my 300-208 exam. I am keen on doing this soon and i am really looking to find anyone who may be interested in us having study group.   We can schedule study and question time together. Hopefully ...
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  • CCNA security to CCNP security.

    Hello good people, my CCNA security certification will expire June 2018 and wish to pursue CCNP security, please what specific exam do I need to prepare for and take to remain active?
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  • I'm only seeing one page of forum post

    Do you guys experience this too? I'm only seeing one page of posts in any CLN forum.
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