• STP Designated Port Election

    Hi Guys, I`m currently reading SWITCH FLG and can`t understand this moment:   If there are two paths with equal cost to the root bridge, STP uses the following criteria for best path determination and consequen...
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  • cyber ops

    I did the exam for stage 2 in a haste, at one point lost internet connectivity but scored 73.8%, i fee so bad about it knowing very well that i dont stand a  chance of advancing to stage 3!
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  • how to configure both radius and tacacs at the same time in ACS

    hello   i am looking for tips to configure both radius and tacacs at the same time in ACS. i am trying to configure TACACS for device administration(SSH,telnet login) and RADIUS for 802.1X.  i succefully co...
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  • Meraki | SSID cannot be detected on specific location.

    Hi Guys,   We are using Meraki cloud controller to connect and control our AP, Now we have branch office that having issue with one of the ssid.   We have 2 AP and 2 SSID being advertised on 1F, 1 of the ...
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  • CCIE DC Longevity

    I have been studying for CCIE DC Written exam, but wondering if this still a worthwhile cert for the future? I remember the uproar Cisco caused when they retired CCIE Storage. How many years before the DC track shares...
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  • Accessing a Barracuda web portal through a ASA DMZ zone.

    In GNS3 I have an ASA as the edge device. The internal network is connected to the inside interface, the Barracuda 410 VM is connected to the DMZ interface security-level 50.   So I have my NAT statements as fo...
    NuklearKrisis - CCNA
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  • DMVPN Question-9

    Hi CLN      what is the meaning of " multi-sunet DMVPN"? is this topic related to CCNP RS scope ?why it`s complex ? edmondgyampohdaniel.dib
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  • IBGP

    If i am not wrong both PE1 and PE2 can be ibgp peers and we simply need to run an igp like ospf,isis or eigrp to ensure PE1 and PE2 can reach each other. There is no need for P1 and P2 to run ibgp session. As I know b...
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  • skype reading hour for ccna

    I am starting a skype reading hour straight from the cisco and sybex study guides so if you are interested , send me a message. this is for those who want to get the most out of their reading and really accelerate how...
  • Nvram Error

      *Jan  2 00:00:05.143: %IOS_LICENSE_IMAGE_APPLICATION-6-LICENSE_LEVEL: Module name = c2900 Next reboot level = uck9 and License = uck9 *Dec 11 05:55:30.627: %IFMGR-7-NO_IFINDEX_FILE: Unable to open nvram:/...
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  • website for practicing your lab skills

    Hello, anyone know where can i find lab question that will test my trobleshooting skill?   i mean, where do you usually practice?   Thanks
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  • Allowing Whatsapp application through Cisco Firepower

    Hi,   i have a rule on Firepower to allow whatsapp application only, but when applied, the whatsapp will not work, check below:   anyone knows whats the problem here?
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  • Passed my ICND2 Today...:)

    Passed my ICND2 exam today in first attempt with 860 score....... Finally CCNA Certified really happy and looking forward for CCNP... Just want to highlights some points regarding exam for Sims and Labs in exam real...
    Muhammad Rizwan
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  • When Deploying a VIRL server on Packet how can I specify an NTP server in YAML

    I am new to VIRL Packet and YAML and have spent several hours just getting used to how to deploy VIRL servers and think that I have nailed the keying issues but the NTP is problematic mostly because I believe that acc...
    Mike Reed
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  • Career Paths

    Good day!   There are so many interesting career paths (R&S, Security, data center, wireless, etc.)...   I've looked for a long time to see what the different job roles are like, but there is such litt...
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  • IP subnetting

    Hi every one,   I have a question regarding subnetting. I have block and my Head Office has 100 hosts and my 4 other Branch Offices have 40 hosts each. How can I divide this /24 block so as to ass...
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    Hey folks! After wat the videos regarding CCIE R5 v5 -4.0 VPN Technologies released by CBT NUGGETS I learned that GET VPN is tunnel·less. Afteward I see this question and I am not sure if the answer would be A...
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  • CCIE R&S Study Plan

    Hi,   Does anyone have any good study plans/schedules for the CCIE. I know that it's based off each individual person, however, I want to get an idea of what others have done to find some success that I can make...
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  • OSPF External type 1 & 2

    Hello Everyone,     I redistributed a connected route into ospf using redistribute  connected subnets command. And I am getting it as External type 2 in the output of show ip route ospf. I am confuse...
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  • Doubt on EIGRP feasible successor

    Hello Everyone, When sending packets from Router ESW1 to ESW 3. The successor path is ESW1-ESW2-ESW3 (since the cost of the path is minimum i.e 5+5=10). But because of the below condition for backup path (feasible suc...
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